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Routine Visits


Based on the results from your child's first visit and initial examination, we may recommend one or more follow-up appointments for completion of any existing dental needs. We also recommend that your child be seen every six months for routine preventative care. We can email, text, and call to remind you of a previously scheduled visit or to contact us to schedule a new check-up.
During these biannual appointments, the attending doctor will also assess your child's dental and skeletal development and how it relates to future orthodontic treatment. Many times extensive and costly dental treatment can be averted through timely care and during facial growth and development. All of our doctors are specifically trained to identify such instances and will direct your child to the most qualified specialist if needed.

We request that younger, pre-school age children are scheduled early in the day when they are more rested, alert and more receptive to treatment. Please be aware that after school appointment times are limited and in high demand.  We ask that if you have an afternoon appointment today that you schedule for a morning appointment in 6 months.  It may be necessary for your child to miss school for their dental appointment.  Dental appointments are excused absences from school, and we will gladly provide a school excuse for your child.  

We do not recommend that you delay your child’s appointment to needing a specific appointment time.  In doing so, you miss out on the insurance benefits that you are paying for each month. 



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