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Insurance FAQ's

Why does my insurance company tell me that I get two free cleanings a year, but when I come to your office for a visit I have a co-pay?

This is determined by whether or not our office is in network or out of network with your insurance company.     If you have a problem locating a dentist who is in network with your insurance company you can ask your Benefits Coordinator or Human Resource Manager.


What does it mean if you are out of network with my insurance?

Being out of network with your insurance company basically means that we do not alter our fees based on the coverages provided by the carrier's fee schedule.  We will still file your insurance for you and they will pay a portion of that insurance claim.  For more information please see our insurance information page under Payment Policies.


Why does my insurance company pay less for tooth colored fillings than they do for silver, or amalgam, fillings?

The dental plan may only allow benefits for the least expensive treatment for a condition.  Patients should base treatment decisions on their dental needs, not on their dental benefit coverages.  In many instances, the least expensive alternative is not always the best option.


Why does my insurance company not pay for Nitrous Oxide/ Oxygen?

Your insurance company will pay what their responsibility is for the treatment irregardless of your child's ability to cooperate.  A child may feel anxious before or during treatment.  Nitrous Oxide/ Oxygen is a safe, effective sedative agent used to calm a child's fear of  the dental visit and enhance effective communication.  Additionally, it works well for children whose gag reflex interferes with dental treatment.






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