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May I Accompany My Child?

    Parents are encouraged to come into the treatment area on their child's first visit to view our facilities and to personally meet the doctors and staff. Everyone will make a great effort to ensure that your child feels comfortable in these new surroundings. Since this first visit will establish their initial attitudes toward dentistry, it is very important to make this appointment a positive encounter. We hope that parents will become comfortable enough to allow their child to enter the treatment area by themselves on subsequent visits. This, in turn, allows the child to establish an uninterrupted relationship with the doctor and staff.

On occasion, however, the attending doctor may feel that a child will respond with better behavior if a parent is present. If we do ask a parent or guardian to accompany their child into the treatment area, we ask that they act as a silent and supportive observer only. It is important for us to establish cooperation and trust directly with each patient to ensure future success.





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